Trump's Embarrassing Entrance with Long Sheet of Toilet Paper

Published October 5th, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
US President Donald Trump (AFP)
US President Donald Trump (AFP)

It happens to the best of us!

President Donald Trump made a grand - and rather embarrassing - entrance as he boarded Air Force One with a long sheet of toilet paper noticeably stuck onto his left shoe.


Trump has had a busy week criss-crossing the nation delivering speeches while dealing with the FBI probe into his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and investigations into his alleged tax scheme inheritance - and he was certainly in a rush to get on his jet Thursday evening.

But as he hurried on board, he neglected to notice a souvenir from the bathroom lodged to his foot, and the hilarious moment was caught on video.



Video of the bizarre sight was shared on Twitter Thursday evening where it instantly went viral, racking up 1.80million views.

'As if this entire presidency couldn't be more bizarre. Today, Trump boarded Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe,' user @MaltLiquorLogic who uploaded the clip wrote.

'It kinda makes sense considering he's a piece of s***,' he added.

'The s*** is starting to stick,' another Twitter user added.

In the clip Trump rises from his limousine and strides confidently up the steps to the plane, with the white sheet of toilet paper flailing after his foot with each step.

At last when he reaches the top of the staircase he gives the crowd a final wave and enters the plane, where the tissue falls off.

The Commander in Chief seemed oblivious to the toilet paper trailing after his every step.

Twitter users had a field day with the comical sight.


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