Topless Tunisian Amina safe at home, says lawyer

Published March 26th, 2013 - 01:00 GMT
FEMEN Tunisia (Facebook)
FEMEN Tunisia (Facebook)

Amina, the topless Tunisian who's gained infamy after provoking an online debate over female bodies, is at home with her family according to reports on Tunisia Live.

Bouchra Bel Haj Hmida, Amina's lawyer, told the site that the 19 year-old is not missing and hadn't been in a pschiatric facility. The statement follows days of speculation online that the FEMEN-inspired activist had been taken to a mental facility or had come to some harm.

Hmida, a well know human rights activist, also said that her client deserves to given her privacy and that she's hpoing to go back to a normal life. Amira was thrust into the spotlight after she posted a topless picture of herself on the FEMEN Facebook page, sparking a national debate on morality in Tunisia.

The story exploded internationally after a cleric called for Amina to be lashed and even stoned to death to reflect the 'severity' of her actions. Dozens of FEMEN supporters reacted by posting their own topless pics online, in solidarity with the Tunisian.


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