Turkish Agencies Distribute Aid to Nigerians in Ramadan

Published June 14th, 2018 - 07:51 GMT
Turkiye Diyanet Foundation sent many aid packages to Nigeria in holy month of Ramadan. (Twitter)
Turkiye Diyanet Foundation sent many aid packages to Nigeria in holy month of Ramadan. (Twitter)

Turkish aid groups act as a bridge between Turkey and Nigeria by winning the hearts of conflict-hit and food insecure people.

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) and other groups distributed clothes to orphans and women, dug wells and organized iftar (fast-breaking) meals during the holy month of Ramadan.

TDV distributed aid to hundreds of poor families in Nigeria under a campaign with the slogan: "Do not forget your brothers, they are waiting for you".

Ali Kashikirik, Abuja religious services attache, told Anadolu Agency that the Ramadan assistance is ongoing.

"In cooperation with the Nigerian Muslim Congress, we distributed Ramadan aid in Lagos, and also gave food aid to refugee camps in the capital Abuja, and reached out to the villages where there are needy people. Around 3,000 Nigerians in different cities received Ramadan aid within four days," he said.

Hasene Association, established by Turks living in Europe, has distributed aid to 300,000 families in Kaduna and Kano provinces.

Various gifts were delivered to orphans under a campaign titled "Share the truth".

The association distributed 300 packages of Ramadan aid in Kaduna and 1,000 packages in Kano province.

Abuja-Istanbul Friendship Association, operating in Nigeria with the help of Turkish philanthropists, has also helped 2,000 families during Ramadan.

The association also distributed dresses to 500 girls in Abuja.

Fatih Emin Danishan, Abuja-Istanbul Friendship Association representative, told Anadolu Agency: "We distributed food packages to hundreds of families during Ramadan but as help increases, so does the need."

"In Nigeria, we delivered food aid to 1,800 families throughout Ramadan. We also held Iftar dinners for 20,000 people and distributed meat to 2,000 families," he added.

The Nigerian Friendship Association in coordination with Bashir Association distributed 110 packages of food aid, inaugurated a well, and organized an Iftar dinner for 3,500 people.

Darul Arkam Foundation, founded by Turks, distributed clothes and shoes to 70 orphans.

It also delivered food packages to 200 families, organized Iftar for 1,000 people, and established 10 water wells. 

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