Tweet Goes Viral After Man Reveals Correct Way to Say Popular South Asian Drink

Published June 6th, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
Ahmed Ali Akbar (Twitter)
Ahmed Ali Akbar (Twitter)

A man's tweet has gone viral after he revealed the correct way to pronounce a popular South Asian drink.

Ahmed Ali Akbar took to Twitter on Monday to share his frustration at the common mispronunciation of the yoghurt-based drink lassi.

The New York-based writer, who is Pakistani, explained that while many people think the drink is pronounced in the same way as Lassie, the famous TV dog, it actually rhymes with 'fussy'.

His tweet quickly racked up thousands of likes and shares as his followers realised their mistake.

Ahmed wrote: 'Hello white people these two items are not pronounced the same way. I am sorry we spelled it 'lassi' instead of 'lussi' but please, you have to stop, I am begging you.'

He even included a demonstration video to make things crystal clear, in which he said: 'So! lassi 101! Lassi rhymes with 'fussy,' not with celebrity dog name.

'The 's' comes at end of the first syllable as well as the beginning of second. Take a listen, class! with your help, we can kill lassie in a generation. Proud of all my eager students'.

And admitting that his own pronunciation may have been affected by being born in America, he added: 'Also im sure there are regional variance in pronounciation and even mine is inflected with being a diaspora kid - but any improvement we make will be better than making it sound like a literal dog drink'.

Referring to the westernised takes on the 'displaced' drink, which often comes in fruit flavours including mango, he then added: 'A whole generation of diaspora cursed by the letter 'a' and some uncles throwing fruit into a sweet lassi'.

And he was quickly inundated with tweets from surprised fans.



'I had no idea it was pronounced 'lussi.' Awesome to learn something new! Thanks for the heads up!' one follower wrote.

Another added: 'Thank you! Our waiters are too polite to correct our attempts. I imagine half the things on the menu are pronounced incorrectly.'

One wrote: 'Thanks! I guess I'm lucky...I learned this years ago from watching 'Goodness Gracious Me'. Hysterical sketch 'Lassi, Come Home' starring the amazing Kulvinder Ghir, one of my fave comedians/actors EVER!'

Some admitted they were now worried about pronouncing other dishes wrong, writing: 'Omg, I was making mental notes, but my local favourite is Nepalese, so now I am paralyzed with fear. Lassi? Lussy? Just like the rest of the menu.'

One confused follower tweeted: 'But wait. It's SPELLED lassi. Why don't they just change the spelling to Lussi. Who the hell wrote it like lassi in the first place? They're diots. I'll be sure to bring a Sharpiepen whenever I see it written.'

Another agreed, writing: 'Can't blame people for pronouncing it like it's spelled. That said, thanks for the lesson, I'm always willing to learn this kind of thing.'


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