$162,515 in Phones Stolen From Dubai House

Published March 26th, 2018 - 12:50 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

He also gave his accomplice the controlling device of the surveillance cameras worth Dh5,500 ($1,497).

A salesman at a trading firm allegedly helped a runaway friend rob 690 mobile phones worth Dh597,000 ($162,515) from the warehouse of the company located in the Dubai International Airport Duty Free Zone. The 25-year-old salesman allegedly gave his accomplice spare keys, showed him the location and gave all the necessary information on how to reach the premises.

He also gave his accomplice the controlling device of the surveillance cameras worth Dh5,500 ($1,497).

The two men have been charged in the Court of First Instance with robbery while two other Indians - aged 27 and 26 - are also co-charged in the case for allegedly possessing some of the stolen items.

The case dates back to January 16.

A 23-year-old manager at the firm said that they had closed the shop on the evening of January 15 and all of the staff had left after that.

"Around 11:00am the following day, workers and employees reported to work only to discover that a large quantity of mobile phones had disappeared from the warehouse.

"I got a call from a cleaner breaking the news to me. I went to the warehouse to check the surveillance cameras but could not find the camera recordings device. I called the police," the manager said.

A police sergeant said they began their investigation after receiving the complaint from the trading firm.

"We had leads that the salesman was involved in the robbery. Our CID officers arrested him at his workplace. He admitted that he and his runaway accomplice had stolen the goods. He led us to the places of the other defendants where they hid the phones."

"We learned that his accomplice had fled the UAE right after the robbery," the sergeant told the prosecutor.

The two other accomplices admitted during police questioning that they were aware the phones had been stolen when they agreed to keep them at their places.

The court will issue a ruling on April 17.

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