UK Court Tries Couple for Faking Sex Under Blanket in Middle of Busy Street

Published July 12th, 2018 - 01:22 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

A furious judge told a court he was 'appalled' by a couple who cavorted beneath a blanket in broad daylight in front of horrified passers-by.  

Steven Harvey, 45, and Claire Hillier, 42, were captured on CCTV appearing to have sex next to a Barclays Bank in the city centre of Plymouth, Devon.

The pair, who were homeless at the time, told prosecutors they were simply simulating intercourse and pleaded to outraging public decency.

Harvey and Hillier, who were homeless at the time, pleaded guilty to outraging public decency by simulating sex on August 3 last year. 

Witness Judith Jones told the court she was among a number of horrified passers-by who watched in horror as the scene unfolded. 

She said: 'It was a busy time. There were adults and children going home. It was the end of the shopping and working day. I could not believe it. It is not right, in the middle of the city centre in broad daylight.' 

Mrs Jones called police and when an officer arrived minutes later she said three 'street drinkers' emerged from nearby bushes. 

She added: 'They were obviously watching.' 

Judge Erik Salomonsen told the jury: 'Clearly what happened was outrageous. I was appalled by it.

'You may have taken a different view but in terms of the use of court time, jury time and public expense, this is a pragmatic resolution.'

Hillier alone was charged with outraging public decency by defecating in public at the Theatre Royal car park last October.

She had pleaded not guilty and was due to face trial next month. But the Crown Prosecution Service has now dropped that case.  

The trial at Plymouth Crown Court was aborted before the couple had time to take the stand and to explain why they had been simulating sex for eight minutes.

The judge released the couple on bail to be sentenced with a probation report on July 20.

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