UK Turkish Restaurant Owner Accused of Sexism for Displaying 'Waitress Wanted' Ad

Published May 22nd, 2018 - 01:29 GMT

A Turkish restaurant has been accused of sexism for displaying a job advert that said: 'waitress wanted.'

The sign stuck to the window of the Mira Restaurant in Cardiff has been branded 'completely out of touch.'

Jamie Matthews, 34, photographed the notice printed on a piece of A4 paper, declaring: 'Waitress wanted, apply inside.'

Communications worker Mr Matthews called out the restaurant on Twitter and claims it is only through people speaking out that others will learn it is 'not acceptable'.

He uploaded the picture on social media and wrote in the post: 'Well Mira restaurant..don't seem to have caught up with this century #everydaysexism.'

Mr Matthews, from Cardiff, said: 'I took a photo of it because I was quite shocked.

'It immediately caught my eye. I thought oh my God, waitress? That's a bit strange and a bit specific. It seemed a bit odd to me.

'You'd never get away with that with equal opportunities employment.

'I can only guess but it's a small restaurant and so I wouldn't have thought it's to address a gender imbalance.

'It's probably more a stereotype that waiting staff are women and that means waitresses.



'I would have thought that stereotype would offend people. There is a huge imbalance in the restaurant industry when it comes to chefs as a lot of chefs are men and a lot of waiting staff are women.

'That's the traditional imbalance there, which obviously is also going to affect the gender pay gap aswell.

'I think to see an ad for 'waitresses' is just reinforcing this gap. This was why I called them out online.

'I definitely think it's important that people speak out when they see things like this. I think it needs to be called out when you see it.'

Government guidelines state that employers must not state or imply in a job advert that they would discriminate against someone.

The website reads: 'It is against the law to treat someone less favourably than someone else because of a personal characteristic, eg religion, gender or age.

'Discrimination can include not hiring someone. You must not state or imply in a job advert that you'll discriminate against anyone.'

While Mr Matthews' initial shock was over gender stereotypes, he also believes the advert discriminates against any men who might have applied for the role.

He said: 'There might be men in the area looking for work in that industry as a waiter too. In my opinion in 2018 you shouldn't advertise any role specific to a gender.

'Every role should be open to every gender and that's the way we want to be and the way we should be.

'To have a job advertised for one particular gender just seems completely out of touch in 2018.'

Mira Restaurant failed to respond to requests for comment on the issue however a manager said that they had since hired someone for the role.


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