Ukrainian Former Soldier Headbutted Girlfriend for Undercooked Chicken

Published May 30th, 2018 - 08:32 GMT
Former soldier headbutted his girlfriend leaving her with horrific face injuries (Twitter)
Former soldier headbutted his girlfriend leaving her with horrific face injuries (Twitter)

A former soldier headbutted his girlfriend after complaining that she had undercooked his chicken Kiev dinner.

Scott Howell, 32, left mother-of-two Michelle Mundt with horrific facial injuries after attacking her in the home in Glasgow where they lived with their baby son.

The former Army reserve soldier admitted carrying out the attack along with subsequently spitting on a female police officer and possessing a knuckle duster.

Ms Mundt had suffered at the hands of Howell for a year before he was arrested and was still bruised a month after the attack, a family source told the Daily Record.

They said: 'If it wasn't for Michelle's dad and stepmum turning up that day, she may not have left the house alive. The fact they saw her in this state was her only escape.

'His next girlfriend may not be so lucky. She had made him chicken Kiev and potato waffles the night before and he said she under-cooked the Kiev.



'That whole of the next day was torture for her - nothing but abuse. He headbutted her at 3.30pm. This is what it all stems from - a chicken Kiev.'

Ms Mundt, also 32, had faced giving evidence against Howell at Glasgow Sheriff Court, but he admitted the three charges on the day his trial was due to begin.

The one-year-old son she had with Howell and her daughter from a previous relationship were both in the house at the time of the attack on March 18.

Howell also admitted breaching his bail conditions following his arrest by returning to Ms Mundt's home - and was found hiding in the garden of the property.

Three years ago Howell, who lives in Greenock, was also convicted of threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend. He will be sentenced for the attack on Ms Mundt next month.


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