Vatican Given Green Light for Catholics to Play Sport on Sunday after Mass

Published June 6th, 2018 - 03:00 GMT
(Shutterstock/File Photo)
(Shutterstock/File Photo)

The Vatican has given the green light for Catholics to play sport on a Sunday on the condition people don't miss Mass as an excuse.

The rule came to light in a new document 'Giving the Best of Yourself' which is the Vatican's first-ever report to discuss sport.

Pope Francis praised the 52-page document according to Catholic Herald, saying: 'Sport is a very rich source of values and virtues that help us to become better people.

'We need to deepen the close connection that exists between sport and life, which can enlighten one another.'

Playing sport on Sundays was previously considered a grey area for Catholics as they are expected to take a Sabbath and observe a day of rest.

There was also concern of substituting sport for worshipping duties.

But the document got the support of Pope Francis who is a known admirer of games like football.

The pontiff has previously recalled fond memories of watching his favourite football team, Argentina club San Lorenzo, growing up as a child.

The decree also highlighted growing threats in the world of sports including corruption and over-commercialisation while acknowledging the rise of e-sports.



Elsewhere this week, the Pope blocked a move by German bishops to allow Protestants married to Roman Catholics to receive communion in Catholic churches.

A majority of German bishops voted this year to publish guidelines that would have made it easier for Protestants to receive Catholic communion.

But it was prevented on the grounds such a move would dilute Catholic identity.


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