Video Shows Trump Ushered Inside Resort as Greenpeace Protester Flies Paraglider Feet Above

Published July 15th, 2018 - 10:50 GMT
Before meeting with Putin, President Trump is taking advantage of the American taxpayer to get some free advertising in for his failing Scottish golf resort (Twitter)
Before meeting with Putin, President Trump is taking advantage of the American taxpayer to get some free advertising in for his failing Scottish golf resort (Twitter)

Video has emerged showing President Donald Trump being quickly ushered inside in Turnberry golf resort as a Greenpeace protester flies a paraglider feet overhead.

The protester entered restricted airspace above the Scottish resort on Saturday trailing a banner reading 'Trump: Well Below Par #Resist', and circled three times before flying away to elude security forces.



The new video shows Trump walking quickly inside the property's grand hotel, surrounded by a bevvy of Secret Service agents.

Scottish policemen and women patrolling the property looked on and snipers positioned on top of the hotel held their fire as the activist did lap after lap overhead.

When he passed Turnberry for a third time, a police vehicle began to pursue him. The activist made a clean escape, though, flying back in the direction from which he came.

Senior staffers to the president were captured in long-lens photos starring at the banner dumbfounded. Greenpeace posted a picture that plainly showed the president standing outside when the protest occurred.



The new video was captured by Greenpeace activists who booked a room at Turnberry incognito. The duo were booted from the property later Saturday when the Secret Service discovered who they were, the organization said.

The environmental activist group said they advised police of the stunt about 10 minutes before the incident. But the protester is still a wanted man.

A Scottish policeman told that all attempts would be made to pursue the activist while noting that he may end up, if caught, with a mere airspace violation charge.

The Civil Aviation Authority in Scotland has flight restrictions over Turnberry in place from tonight until mid-day Sunday. That's when the president departs Glasgow for Helsinki, Finland.

Trump's motorcade arrived at Turnberry on Friday evening a few minutes before 9.30pm. The protester made his approach roughly 20 minutes later overhead.

Trump landed in for Scotland on Friday evening with wife Melania for two days of rest and relaxation before they make one final stop abroad in Finland at the conclusion of their European trip.

The president and first lady are staying at the Trump-owned Turnberry property in South Ayrshire. Their plans are mostly unknown -- they are not in Scotland on official business -- although the American president is expected to make use of the lavish property's golf facilities.

Trump's son Eric, the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, also made his way to Turnberry for business and a mini-family reunion.

He arrived on the Trump-family plane in Aberdeen on Thursday and confirmed that he would be seeing his father over the weekend in comments to

Scotland is close to Donald Trump's heart. His mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, emigrated to the U.S. in 1930 from the United Kingdom.

He said Friday that his mother's ties to the country makes his first visit to the U.K. as president extra special.

'I would give our relationship with the UK the highest level of special. Am I allowed to go higher than that? They are very special people, it's a very special country and my mother was born in Scotland,' he stated at a news conference alongside British Prime Minister Theresa May.


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