What is a 6-year-old Canadian boy doing on the country's no-fly list?

Published March 6th, 2016 - 05:00 GMT
The child has been on the no-fly list since he was a toddler. (Shutterstock)
The child has been on the no-fly list since he was a toddler. (Shutterstock)

A Canadian family's travel plans were complicated for a second time this year as they discovered their 6-year-old son remained on the country's no-fly list.

Sulemaan Ahmed confirmed the incident after his wife tweeted that his son was flagged during online check in while the family attempted to book a flight from Toronto to Edmonton.

"Our 6 year old is still on #NoFlyListKids," Khadija Cajee wrote. "Still flagged at online checkin. When does it stop?"

Ahmed told the CBC that he informed an Air Canada representative about the issue when they arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Friday morning and the 6-year-old was eventually cleared to fly.

The family said their son has been on the no-fly list since he was a toddler and gained the attention of Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale in January when they attempted to travel to Boston for the NHL's Winter Classic game.

Goodale promised to look into the incident after two dozen other families came forward, but warned the children's' names could continue to appear on international no-fly lists.

Spokesman Scott Bardsley stated that Goodale's office was aware of the most recent incident.

"Department officials have contacted air carriers to clarify the application of the existing Secure Air Travel Regulations, emphasizing to them that additional security screening validation is not required for individuals under the age of 18," he wrote.

By Daniel Uria

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