What an ass! Saudi man arrested for abusing a donkey

Published November 22nd, 2015 - 07:13 GMT

Police in Al Bahah in southwestern Saudi Arabia have arrested a man for torturing a donkey.

“We were able to identify the suspect following a complaint by a Saudi national about the torture of his donkey,” Saeed Saleh Trad, the spokesperson for Al Bahah police, said. “He was arrested and held in custody pending further investigations,” he told Saudi news site Sabq.

An investigation was launched after the man said that his donkey had been tied to a car and dragged for some distance on the asphalt.

The plaintiff said that the donkey was badly injured in the freak incident.

According to reports, the donkey subsequently died, Sabq said.

In their reactions, social media users called for applying the principle of “eye for eye” by tying the suspect to a car and dragging him on hot asphalt.

Ahmad said that he was certain the suspect would be made to suffer “much more than the poor animal had to ensure.”

“Did he think he could get away with such a horrible attitude? Even if he is not penalised severely by people, he will most certainly be punished by God,” Ahmad said.

“Islam strictly forbids abusing animals or not offering them assistance and torturing an animal is a horrible act in Islam and in society. This man is a loser both ways,” he added.

Al Abdallah said there should be no forgiveness and no tolerance of such cruel acts against animals.

“The punishment should be truly severely, so that those tempted to torture any animal should know what awaits them,” he said. “Anyone who feels no compassion with animals has no sentiments or emotions, and those who torture animals should be severely reprimanded and punished,” he said.

By Habib Toumi

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