What Better Way to Lengthen Your Legs Than Through 'Barbie Feet'

Published July 9th, 2018 - 11:05 GMT
'Legs for days' seems to be the common reaction to seeing a trim pair of pins online (Instagram)
'Legs for days' seems to be the common reaction to seeing a trim pair of pins online (Instagram)

When it comes to a Friday night jaunt into the city, many women prefer wearing heels over flats.

They are easily the most flattering shoe style and elongate the legs for chic, Instagram-worthy snaps.

But if you're posing for a photo and don't have the luxury of high heels, a group of Australian models have figured out a way to lengthen their legs naturally.

And the position is being dubbed 'Barbie feet'.

By placing one foot in front of the other and standing on your tip toes, the sweetly named Barbie feet pose gives the subject of the photo a leaner torso and longer legs - because the muscles in your calves and quads are tensed.

The Kardashian sisters, Bella Hadid and the Victoria's Secret models are all fans of the pose, but it's finally taking its turn Down Under.

Influencers like Hannah Polites, Olivia and Isabelle Mathers, Natyse Tran and Elle Morris have all adopted the stance on social media - much to the delight of their followers.

'Legs for days' seems to be the common reaction to seeing a trim pair of pins online.

According to Who What Wear, who originally coined the term, Instagram's hottest stars are all using an exaggerated pointed toe - as seen on Barbie - to elongate their legs.



The name comes from the doll's feet, which are permanently arched so children can easily slip on her heels.

Celebrities have been using the technique most often in their bikini shots to make their bare legs seem leaner.

They pull the pose while sitting down and pointing their toes towards the ground.

The look can be achieved by balancing on the balls of the feet, and most will throw their hands behind their heads to show off more of their figures.

The biggest fans of the technique are the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who often use it in their risque Instagram snaps.

Model Bella Hadid has also made the most of her ultra long legs and pulled the pose in several of her sizzing shots.

Last summer the most popular pose was the Bambi, which saw the poser perched gingerly atop their own heels, sat with their legs folded directly underneath them.

The pose seemed to accentuate backsides and hips while making the waist appear narrower, which made it a sudden go-to for stars and models already hitting the sand and sea.

Called 'the Bambi pose' because of its similarity to the way a deer might sit with its legs folded underneath, the position was clearly meant to play up femininity.


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