Woman Orders Delivery Food to Get Rid of Spider

Published June 8th, 2018 - 08:00 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

Her photo of delivery man getting rid of the spider went viral on Twitter instantly.

Who says you order food online only to satiate hunger or treat guests over? A criminology student named Demi on Twitter came up with a life-hack and utilised online food delivery to get rid of a spider in her house.

The woman was so terrified when she encountered the creepy creature on the wall that she ordered food just so that the delivery man could come to her rescue.

She then posted a photo of the delivery man Joe on Twitter thanking him for helping and certainly attracted ample attention online. Demi wrote on Twitter: "My fear of spiders was taken to a whole new level today in which I ordered food in a hope that the delivery driver would remove the spider. Joe @Deliveroo @DeliverooHelp you are an actual LIFESAVER."

Her rather unusual way of dealing a tricky situation became a point of discussion on Twitter and garnered over 700 'likes' in five days, according to NDTV report.

Demi however made it clear with the food ordering company while placing her order if the delivery man could help her get rid of the spider. She also put a snapshot of her conversation with the food ordering company along with her tweet which explained her fear of spiders. To this, the food ordering company agreed and gave a hilarious reply telling Demi that their delivery man will certainly help provided he is not as scared as her!

Twitter users applauded the woman's out-of-box idea and the brave delivery man.

"I hope you gave him a nice tip for going above and beyond their duty!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Genius idea. As one also terrified of spiders, I understand this quite well. I hope he knows how much this meant. May we all be lucky enough to find a Joe when we need one," wrote another.

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