Wow! Meet Saudi’s first balloon artist

Published January 7th, 2016 - 07:00 GMT

A local woman here has become known for “sculpting” the most colorful and artistic decorations out of different type of balloons, including of local celebrities and cartoon characters.

Hala Samir Al-Masri’s work, shown on her Twitter and Instagram accounts under the name “Loshaballoon,” is not only a labor of love but has also become her business. She said that it has been her creativity, combined with determination that has made it a success.

Al-Masri, 38, who is married with children, said another reason for her doing well is that she has had the support of her family and husband. “I consider myself a successful businesswoman, who has been able to make it in three years, which is a very short time.”

She said that she has always been passionate about art, particularly painting, having being influenced by her father who was an artist.

She said the balloon sculpting began as a hobby when she worked in a balloon shop. 

She soon started teaching herself how to create decorations by watching YouTube videos and reading magazines. As a painter, she was able to make even more impressive and distinctive creations.


“One of the biggest challenges I had to face was designing large models. I did all the work myself, including advertising through social media. Luckily, I have had my husband by my side to overcome these obstacles.”

She said she designs decorations for birthday parties including cartoon characters from well-known Disney movies. “I also have special ones for graduation parties and baby showers. In addition, I design decorations using celebrities like Bilqees and Umm Kulthum. I import high quality balloons from America; some models remain in good condition for two weeks.”

“I aspire to become famous worldwide. I intend to develop my skills further by traveling outside the kingdom for more professional courses. I advise all Saudi female investors to work on their self development.”

“Talent alone is not enough to succeed. Education, experience and practice combined with talent can make you go big, because social media platforms create major opportunities to demonstrate your talent and ideas,” she said.

By Nadia Al-Fawaz

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