Back from the dead: one Yemeni man attends his own funeral

Published June 4th, 2012 - 09:34 GMT
A last minute escape
A last minute escape

A dead man, who was due to be buried, caused great panic on  Friday among mourners who attended his funeral procession in Yemen's province of Dhamar.

Out of the blue, when the people put the man in his grave and prepared to cover it with soil, he regained consciousness and shouted "You want to kill me and bury me alive", Alettejah news website reported on Sunday.

Horrified by the view of the man in death cloths, some mourners turned and ran. The website said that the man, 65, had a heart attack, which had made him lose consciousness.

Based on the Islamic traditions, the mourners had completely washed the man, wrapped him in death cloths and performed funeral prayers on him.

Other mourners absorbed the shock and offered clothes and turned the funeral into celebration.

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