Two Yemenis Dead after Kidnapping of Frenchman flops

Published May 6th, 2012 - 02:55 GMT
Two brave Yemeni security guards died protecting a French citizen from abduction
Two brave Yemeni security guards died protecting a French citizen from abduction

A French Citizen working with Total French company was injured and two Yemeni soldiers killed on Tuesday evening when unknown masked men attempted  to kidnap the French man in Hadramout, in eastern Yemen, a security source  told the Yemen Times on Wednesday.

The gunfire exchange took place in the city of Seyoun while the Total French Security Official was on his way to the airport to return to Sana’a.

“The masked armed men attempted to kidnap him [the French worker], but the exchange of gunfire between his escorts and the men foiled the kidnapping,” another security source said.

 The local news website, Al-Masdar Online, quoted a security source in Hadramout saying that the militants who attempted to kidnap the French citizen do not belong to Al-Qaeda, but were trying to abduct him and hand him over to Al-Qaeda for money.

Major Suhail Rizq Al-Jawfi, deputy security officer at Total Yemen Company, whose father is security chief of the capital Sana’a, passed away on Wednesday morning following the injuries he sustained in the gunmen’s attack on the company’s car in Seyoun, Total said in a press release on Wednesday.

Ali Al-Abyad, a soldier working with Total security personnel died immediately at the scene of the attack, according to a security source in Hadramout.

The Frenchman, who survived the gunfire, was shot in the leg three times, the security source said. He added that his health is stable.

At the moment, the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Ansar Al-Sharia, which is based in Shabwa and Abyan, has held two foreign captives, including one Swiss woman and a Saudi diplomat for over one month.

The group is demanding a high ransom to be paid for them to release the hostages.

By Ali Saeed and  Muaad Al-Maqtari 

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