‘Andy Warhol’ of Morocco Talks About the Next Generation in Collaboration with Avant Arte

Published September 12th, 2021 - 09:10 GMT
"Rania&Yazid" Marrakech 2016, part of Avant.arte project
"Rania&Yazid" Marrakech 2016, part of Avant.arte project (Instagram)
We’re a new generation of artists, who are lucky enough to have Hassan supporting us.
The Path by Hassan Hajjaj presents a unique and timely consideration of culture and identity in the modern, globalised world.

Hassan Hajjaj re-envisions fashion photography in an ebullient celebration of culture, color, and pattern.

Often referred to as the ‘Andy Warhol’ of Morocco, Hassan Hajjaj sharing of cultures through his multidisciplinary practice of art and design.

The multi-faceted artist, designer, filmmaker and photographer, Hassan Hajjaj landed in the UK in his formative years and was taken by the hip hop culture of London of the 1970s. 

“Just as travelling, the internet, and many other ways that gets different parts of the world linked together, there are more and more of us ‘hybrids’, sharing different cultures,” he says.

In a debut collaboration with Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj, Avant Arte presents Yazid & Rania, a limited photographic print edition of 50 with a handmade frame also designed by the artist.

Part of the Hajjaj’s seminal My Rockstars series, the portrait features two young Moroccan creatives who the artist has mentored, Yazid Bezaz and Rania Malek. 

“When I was creating this edition with Avant Arte, I wanted to tell my story: about my Moroccan heritage and my body of work. But I also wanted to talk about the next generation: these young creatives coming up in the world. As it turns out, it’s not just young people who are learning from me, I learn so much from them: they are the future", says artist Hassan Hajjaj.

Hajjaj's artworks are characterized by an explosion of color, pattern, appropriated brand logos, and found objects. Signs, symbols, and people from around the globe collide without hierarchy or the presumed superiority of a Eurocentric worldview. 

“I really connect with Hassan's work because he, in a similar way to Avant Arte, consciously collaborates with creatives at various stages of their careers,” says Avant Arte co-founder Christian Luiten. 

He picked this image of Yazid and Rania to represent this generation of Moroccans who inspire him. 

"I’ve known Yazid’s family since before he was born and have watched him grow into this amazing young man who’s doing great stuff."

Moroccan-born, London-raised photographer Hassan Hajjaj has spent his career capturing the muses who inspire him. A self-taught artist, he is known for marrying western pop culture with his Moroccan roots, infusing each portrait with vibrant colors and patterns, resulting in a celebratory feast for the senses. 

Avant Arte is the biggest community of young art lovers online, with over 2.4 million followers on Instagram, the majority of whom are under 35. Avant Arte’s vision is to make art radically more accessible for a whole generation.

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