‘Spoon of Freedom’ Becomes Symbol of Resistance in Palestine

Published September 14th, 2021 - 09:58 GMT
Maitham Abdel, sculpture "Freedom Spoon"
Maitham Abdel, sculpture "Freedom Spoon" (Instagram)
The story of the six Palestinian political prisoners should inspire hope and action.
Palestinians have always had different symbols to represent their freedom.

Artist creates work inspired by the daring escape of Palestinian prisoners in Israel's high-security Gilboa Prison.

Palestinians and living in exile in the diaspora were euphoric. In an act of extraordinary creativity and determination, six brave Palestinian political prisoners tunneled their way out of an Israeli maximum-security prison.

It was presumed they did so with a spoon, as they would have had no other tools. The tunnel openings were exceedingly narrow, leaving everyone baffled how six grown men were able to pass through them.

After Palestinians tunneled out of the Gilboa Prison, using a spoon, a large number of artists have been focusing on the simple tool.

Kuwaiti sculptor Maitham Abdel unveils an artistic sculpture he named "Freedom Spoon" in honor of Palestinian prisoners who managed to snatch their freedom from prison.

"A salute to those who tasted the bitterness of humiliation by the Zionists and broke the tyranny of their arrogance to snatch their freedom from their most severe prisons."
Maytham Abdel

Although four of the six prisoners were recaptured, the Palestinian resistance will continue. The prisoners who were recaptured are Zakaria Zubeidi, Mahmoud Ardah, Mohammad Arda, and Yacoub Qadiri. 

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