1st man in history with 76% disability finishes marathon

Published March 23rd, 2023 - 07:11 GMT
Alex Roca Campillo
Spanish man Alex Roca Campillo with 76% disability finishes Barcelona marathon. (Twitter/ @@alexroca91)

ALBAWABA - Alex Roca Campillo made history as the first man with 76 percent disability to complete a marathon.

Campillo, 32, participated in the Barcelona marathon in Spain over the weekend and successfully won.

In a tweet, the Spaniard celebrated his success. "I HAVE MADE HISTORY!" he said.

He maintained: "First person in the WORLD with a 76 percent disability who has managed to finish a MARATHON: 42, 195 km."

He continued to thank those who helped him in completing the marathon. 

Alex managed to reach the finish line in Barcelona, ​​achieving a mark of 5:50:51, which is considered unusual considering his special condition.

The story of Alex Roca Campillo gained widespread attention worldwide and his video received millions of views. Some people labelled his achievement as "inspirational."

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