Abu Dhabi Police Returns Over $54K Which a Man Lost in a Phone Scam

Published February 12th, 2020 - 10:55 GMT
Abu Dhabi Police posts re-enactment video to create awareness about scams.

A phone scam victim has come forward to share his experiences and raise awareness among the public in a video posted by Abu Dhabi Police's Instagram page.
 In the video, the anonymous victim narrates that he had received an audio message from his wife in February of 2018 saying that they had won a cash prize of Dh 200,000.
She instructed him to call the Emirati number she sent over so that he could claim the prize, which would be deposited into his bank account.

"I called that number and asked whether this was true because I couldn't believe it," he says in the video.

After assuring him that he had indeed won the cash, the scammer asked him to send over front and back copies of his ID and ATM card so that he could deposit the money into his account.

"To my surprise, there was money deducted from my account instead of being deposited," he claims.


"On the same day, I went and reported he case to the anti-fraud unit. Thanks to the efforts of Abu Dhabi police, I got all my money back."

He advised members of the public to always check with their banks directly regarding any activity about their accounts, and that no bank ever asks for details like account numbers, Id or any other banking information from their customers. He also advised the public not to respond to any calls or messages from unknown numbers.
This video is in line with Abu Dhabi Police's Be Careful campaign, which attempts to raise public awareness about phone scams in the region.
More than 28 fraudsters among 13 other gangs have been arrested in the UAE for mobile phone scams

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