Baby Trump 'Bobble-Head' Launched Into Space With Weather Balloon

Published December 5th, 2019 - 10:00 GMT
Baby Trump 'bobble-head'  (Twitter)
Baby Trump 'bobble-head' (Twitter)
'The bobble-head is modelled after the Trump Baby balloon, which has been seen on a number of occasions at protests and marches', according to Mr Keen.

As the president of the United States finished his visit to the Nato Summit in the UK today - a Baby Trump 'bobble-head' was launched into space with a weather balloon.

'Baby Trump' was created as a helium-filled blimp that could be flown during protests of Donald Trump at various locations around the world.

A new bobble-head version of the blimp has been blasted into the wider reaches of the atmosphere by company 'Sent Into Space' in a protest of his latest visit to the UK.

'This video is just a bit of fun, we just liked the Baby Trump balloon and wanted to go one better', said Alex Keen from Sent Into Space. 

The original blimp made its first appearance in July 2018 during a Trump working visit but it came to fame during his first state visit in June 2019. 

The Baby Trump bobble head started its journey in Sheffield where Sent Into Space are based with the aim of having it reach the edge of the atmosphere in time for President Donald Trump's visit to the UK as part of the Nato Summit.

'The bobble-head is modelled after the Trump Baby balloon, which has been seen on a number of occasions at protests and marches', according to Mr Keen.

The orange, nappy-clad, phone-clutching caricature of the president is on a platform at the base of the weather balloon and is looking straight into the camera.

As it rises through the atmosphere the figure can be seen 'wobbling' as it ascends higher and higher until the curvature of the earth is on display. 

Throughout its journey to the edge of the atmosphere you can see the UK slowly fading into the distance as it moves through the clouds. 

'The obnoxious expression on the bobble-head beams down over the world as the weather balloon it is flying under rises to 30,000feet', according to Mr Keen.

"We think it's a fine example of political satire and unfortunately Trump only tends to respond to things which provoke him emotionally.

'We have a pretty negative opinion of Trump, as a scientific organisation, we strongly disapprove of his state of denial about the climate emergency we face as a planet.' 

The bobble-head is sitting on a platform underneath a weather balloon that was launched by 'Sent Into Space'.

The company specialises in sending objects to the edge of the atmosphere so they can be photographed with the Earth behind them. 

They have sent up an astronaut Barbie Doll to promote female astronauts and women in STEM as well as bobble hats and headphones.  

The original Baby Trump blimp has also been flown in France, Argentina, Ireland, and Denmark in protest of the US president.

With permission, activists made a copy of the balloon and it has been flown in numerous locations in the United States, including in Alabama where it was slashed and burst by a Trump supporter.

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