Baladk Street Art Festival in Amman: Return The Street to Its People

Published October 16th, 2020 - 06:21 GMT
By Suhaib Attar, Girl in blue. Part of @baladk project 2020 session mural is about waste control and to keep our water and sea clean (Instagram)
By Suhaib Attar, Girl in blue. Part of @baladk project 2020 session mural is about waste control and to keep our water and sea clean (Instagram)
The main target is the local community and neighbourhood, in addition to young street artists who have been pushed away by public authorities.

By Ewelina Lepionko

Up until now, I thought “street art” meant graffiti tags all over the place – the kind of ugly, bubbly letters you’ll find spray-painted on every bare wall around the city. But living in Amman has given me a new appreciation for street art.

You don’t need to look a certain way or be anything but yourself. The street art world is made up of artists and art lovers from all over the world, all walks of life, and of all ages. 

Amman has its own team looking after street art in the city. The Baladk Street Art Festival is organized on an annual basis in Amman. Baladk planted the seed of street art in the city back in 2013. This festival transformed the city into a global destination for contemporary urban art. 

Baladk project is back with its 8th edition and transformed the city of Amman once again with its eccentric murals. Festival continues to build bridges among artists from all walks of life. On the festival web, we read Baladk works with artists, communities, and neighborhoods to transform the walls in diverse areas of Amman’s beige façade into colorful open-air murals. Baladk is organized and curated by Al Balad Theatre in collaboration with several artists, partnering with local, regional and international organizations.

The Festival is an important gathering of the urban arts community in Amman. The organizers want to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to connect, learn, create and share their artistic experiences. 

How does it work?
Baladk selects walls for the murals in various parts of Amman making sure they are visible, accessible, and in diverse neighborhoods of the city. Artists then gather to express their artistic interpretations on those walls.

The Festival is always filled with great energy. Kids from neighborhoods and communities getting together to help and be with the artists as they work on their murals. 

The program of the festival always includes youth and artistic workshops, art talks, panel discussions, live mural viewings, and fundamentals on fundraising training. 

Being part of the Baladk festival is an opportunity to discover a country, culture, and especially to meet people. Art facilitates provide room for meetings and exchanges. 

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