UK Woman Freaks Out as Doctors Ban Her From Another Butt Lift Surgery

Published November 20th, 2019 - 11:36 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
Aimi Veness, 44, has spent more than £100K on multiple surgeries over 20 years.

A surgery addict has been refused a third Brazilian butt lift because doctors warned it would put her at risk of a heart attack.

Aimi Veness, 44, has spent more than £100,000 on multiple surgeries over 20 years, including Botox, a breast enlargement, nose job and lip fillers.

She said her two Brazilian butt lifts - funded with the help of sugar daddies - were the most painful thing she had ever experienced.

But Ms Veness was eager to make her bottom even larger, calling herself a 'plastic surgery ambassador'.

She flew from her home in East Sussex to Los Angeles to meet with doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow of the hit TV show Botched.

A 'wake up call' was not what Ms Veness expected when Dr Dubrow told her it could be fatal if she attempted another surgery on her bottom. 

Ms Veness had previously said she will not stop until surgeons refuse to work on her, planning a 'designer vagina' when she turns 60 years old and a face lift at 50.

She chases the 'perfect hourglass figure' - and blames her parents for her obsession because they bought her Barbie dolls as a child.

Speaking on the show, Ms Veness - who has previously said she is called the 'town freak' - said: 'My whole world s plastic surgery now and it is expensive to look like this.

'I have had a few sugar daddies over the years. I don't want diamonds, I want surgery.

'I needed boobs. I think i was about 26 [when she had her first breast enlargement]. But then Brazilian butt lifts were in fashion, and I was like, "I've got to have this".

'It was the most painful thing I'd ever done in my life. But I love my big arse. All fat was gone, I had this booty and it was amazing.' 

Brazilian butt lifts remove body fat from large areas such as the tummy before transferring it to the buttocks.


Not only will the bottom become larger, but it's popular for making the stomach flatter in the process. 

But concerns are growing over the increasingly popular cosmetic surgery due to an 'alarming' number of deaths. 

The procedure has become controversial because it comes with a unique set of risks. It's a complicated procedure which can go terribly wrong if the fat is injected too deep or into the wrong place. 

When visiting Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif, Ms Veness complained since her last fat transfer from her stomach to her bottom, there had been some complications.

The fat was coming back into other areas of her body, including her vagina.

She was also unhappy with where the fat had been injected, more so in her hips than her actual bottom. 

Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif had some stern advice for Ms Veness. In order for another bottom enlargement, Ms Veness would need to actually gain some weight - which could be dangerous.

Dr Dubrow explained for her previous two butt-lifts, although she had fat removed from her stomach to put into her bottom, she still had fat around her arms and chest.

'That's called redistribution,' Dr Dubrow said. 'Because of the redistribution of fat, shes putting her health at risk.' 

As well as this, Brazilian butt lifts are considered risky because if fat injected into large veins travel to the heart or brain, it can leading to severe illness, heart failure, stroke, or death.  

The news stunned Ms Veness but she sensibly said it was a 'wake-up' call and that she wouldn't press ahead with the surgery.

She admitted: 'It's great to look good but no-one's going to look at me if I'm in a coffin. What's the point of looking beautiful if you're dead?' 

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