Dina Khataan: 'Queen of Resin' Creates Art on the Canvas of Dubai's Desert

Published August 10th, 2021 - 06:29 GMT
DINA KHATAAN (Instagram)
This artist creates work in the desert by setting her canvases on fire!
Meet the most creative, talented multidisciplinary artist!

Dina Khataan is an award-winner resin artist. Her energy is infectious, as she maneuvers effortlessly between the fluidity of resin and the magic of alcohol ink.

Dina Khataan is an award-winning, Dubai-based, Egyptian artist, and one of the leading artists who master experimental art, using resin and fluid mixes, in the Middle East. 

My work revolves around resin which is renowned for both its experimental nature and ethereal aesthetic. Lustrous like glass, yet compositionally similar to plastic, resin pairs form with functionality, resulting in endless artistic possibilities. 

The fluid art she creates is part fantastical, part alluring. She tries to depicting among other things, the beauty of nature, unknown identities, and unseen beauties. 


“These free-flowing artworks are silent films. They tell a story everyone can interpret in their own way. There is no imposition, only suggestions.”
Dina Khataan 

Dina is self-taught, hence, highly experimental with her materials. She developed her own trademark techniques that she shared in her workshops. Before becoming an artist as a professional route, she was an interior decorator.

Her grandfather was her childhood 'art mentor'; a fine painter and a sculptor who was heavily influenced by Japanese art. Also, the time which she spent in Cape Town, South Africa is the secret to her inspiration.

How did she discover resin? It was almost by accident!

"I saw it first on YouTube, and then spent hours reading about it, searching online for materials. Resin, which is a two-component system, is a complex yet simple medium. Once mastered, you start to celebrate the idea of opportunistic art as it enables you to indulge in non-standard painting techniques." 


She always looks for 'change'. 

I also practice abstract art, a therapeutic release for me. Nowadays, I am also getting very passionate about the use of natural stones in my art, which I travel especially to buy and choose, one- by- one. 

Art resin is a newly formed type of synthetic resin that is chemically less toxic and harsh, specifically created to be used for artistic purposes. Being a resin artist is quite different from being a regular painter, since the materials you create your art with, are completely different.

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