Harnessing Positive Self Talk Through Affirmations

Published February 7th, 2021 - 03:59 GMT
Harnessing Positive Self Talk Through Affirmations
Being mindful of the way we speak to ourselves can be the foundation on which we build our self-improvement journey upon. 

We all have an inner critic inside of us. While this little voice inside our heads can help us stay motivated, it can often do more harm than good. This voice can make us doubt ourselves and our abilities and potentially lead to excessive negative self-talk or even self-sabotage. So the question is, how do we overcome it? Or even better, how do we claw our way out of negative-self talk and move towards a healthier and better life? 


Our mind tends to believe what we tell it. That is why when you keep talking negatively to yourself, your mind will start to focus on things that prove those negative self beliefs. And the opposite is true. Once we start feeding our minds positive self beliefs, it will start focusing on positive things. The best way to beat a critic in its own game is to have a stronger ally on your side. That is why it is important that you start nurturing an inner voice that acts as your best friend and helps you see the good qualities about yourself.

This inner voice will help you change your negative self talk to positive, motivational and useful thoughts. Despite the fact that it can be challenging to rewire yourself to have more positive self talk, that does not mean it is impossible. The same way many of us have unconsciously built the habit of negative self talk, positive self talk is also a habit we can learn. And one of the most efficient ways to change your inner conversations is through using affirmations. 


Many might consider affirmations to be unrealistic. However, the same way many often exercise to improve their physical health, repeating affirmations are like doing exercise for our mind and soul. Repeating affirmations can help change the way we think and what we believe about ourselves, and in return reshape our lives. This is made possible through neuroplasticity, which allows us to rewire our brains. Regularly repeating affirmations can help your brain see those affirmations as facts. For instance you can start by replacing a negative thought such as: 

“I am so stupid, why did I do that?”

With a positive thought like: 

“I know I did not do as well as I hoped. But now I know I can do better. This is something to learn and grow from.”

Furthermore, self-affirmations are also useful in managing stress. A study has shown that self-affirmations helped increase problem-solving abilities of people with high levels of stress. It is also important that you keep your affirmations realistic and achievable. Focusing on something that you do not believe as true about yourself might not yield the result you want. That is why more generic statements and neutral statements might generally be more helpful. 

Our thoughts are the driving force behind our lives. If you are able to use affirmations to change your self talk and beliefs then you are on the right track to empower yourself. It is important to make sure that your affirmations resonate with who you are. This way affirmations can help you accept yourself and let go of past mistakes.

We all struggle with forgiving ourselves and if the old ways of beating ourselves up are not working, why not try using compassion and kindness instead? By choosing your words wisely, you are taking back control of your life and crushing that inner critic. Being mindful of the way we speak to ourselves can be the foundation on which we build our self-improvement journey upon. 


And always remember, be kind to yourself. 

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