Holiday Blues Meet New Year’s Pressure

Published December 25th, 2021 - 06:45 GMT
Holiday Blues Meet New Year’s Pressure
Whether it is the holiday season, a wedding, new years or any other time of the year, you have the right to feel your feelings and sit with them. (shutterstock)

Around this time every year some of us are left pressured, deflated and forced to put on a happy, grateful face. Afterall, you made it through another year and you should be filled with happiness and joy. But the reality of things is that sometimes we are not feeling our best when Holidays come around, and despite what so many say, that is completely okay and natural. 

Whether it is the holiday season, a wedding, new years or any other time of the year, you have the right to feel your feelings and sit with them. 

Holidays and New Year’s resolutions come around every year and even though it can be a happy time filled with festivities and gifts, it can bring with it some unwelcomed guests - depression, anxiety and stress. And while many still find the need to enforce how this time of year is supposed to be stress-free, joyous and perfect, we need to get real for a minute. We cannot turn off the meter of our thoughts and emotions just because it is time to get together and celebrate. In fact, many people get triggered by the idea of family gatherings and having another year pass them by. Therefore, it is imperative that we stop normalizing the idea that Holidays have to be stress-free, and that it is completely and utterly okay to not have it in you to celebrate. Especially in a time when the whole world is still collectively going through a pandemic, and are facing so many uncertainties on different fronts. 

To top it all off, New Year’s resolutions are also here to make things even more stressful for some people. From one end, there is the whole pressure of having to have a new year’s resolution to get your life together. As if the only time you get to do that is when it is a new year. On the other side of things, there is the whole pressure that comes with seeing another year pass us by without having fulfilled our goals or taken any real steps forward. But when it comes to the latter, some people argue that the reason we feel like we did not accomplish what we wanted this year is because we did not honor ourselves and live to our full potential. 

"The thing about a year coming to an end is that many tend to either label it as good year or a bad one. But what most people do not realize is that if you feel like you did not have a really good year then it is because you haven't lived up to your full potential." - Dareen Al Kotob, Emotional Fitness Coach and Public Speaker

However, this year things might be even trickier when it comes to New Year’s resolutions because people have been living with a high level of alert and uncertainty. Some might even wonder whether New Year’s resolutions should now be a thing of the past since we have become more aware of how uncertain life can be. So does that mean people are finally seeing through the stress spiral that New Year’s resolutions have been putting on our mental health this year? Or will people keep turning to it as a way to cope with these uncertainties and try to have some control over their lives? 

Well, only time will tell. 

But we are not here to offer answers to these questions, but instead we are here to remind you of the importance of taking a step back, breathing and honoring what your mind, body and soul need. Here are some tips you can do just that: 

- Healthy boundaries are your friend
Establishing healthy boundaries with your family and friends is important, especially if you will be spending a lot of time with them. Being transparent about the things that stress you out and make you feel uncomfortable will make things easier to adapt to. 

- Ditch New Year’s Resolutions and be realistic
One trap so many of us seem to fall into is the idea that a new year brings with it the key to creating the perfect life we want. And as we try to juggle a hundred things to get our life together, we find ourselves frustrated, drained and completely overwhelmed after a couple of weeks. Therefore, it is important to set realistic expectations of yourself and those around you. Taking things one step at a time and setting small achievable goals will help you commit and see results in the long run. 

- Stop being so hard on yourself
Holiday blues are a real thing and these times can be triggering for many of us. While this is completely normal and it is okay to take your time with it, it is instrumental that you do not beat yourself for not living up to the “holiday spirit”. It is okay to not feel like celebrating, but make sure you are kind to yourself and have supportive people around you. 

- Ask for support
Be vocal about what you need and want, because otherwise people won’t ever know how to help. If you feel that this time of the year is a difficult time for you, then make sure to reach out to family, friends, or even a professional to help you navigate these times. 

- Connect with people
Reaching out to people and connecting with them can be difficult when you are going through a rough time, but doing it can help you in many ways. Connect with someone you care about and spend some quality time with them. 

- Take care of yourself
The days in which you do not feel very well are the very days you need to take extra care of yourself. Whether it is to make sure you are eating healthy, practicing self-care routines or simply taking it slow, make sure you are putting your physical and mental health first. It is okay to take your time and take it at your own pace. 

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