How Come This 'Tiny' Goldfish Needs a Life Jacket to be Saved?

Published February 16th, 2021 - 08:24 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
A goldfish with a buoyancy disorder needed a life jacket to help it float properly.

A goldfish is probably the last of God’s creatures you might think needs a life jacket.

However, it was just what was needed to rescue this fish from spending the rest of its life upside down after it developed a buoyancy disorder.

The unfortunate fish found himself living upside at the bottom of his tank after a bout of swim bladder - a disorder which affects buoyancy - was found to be untreatable.

Unprepared to see him suffer his family sought help from a nearby animal sanctuary.


Stacey O’Shea, who runs The Garden Sanctuary from her home in Wolverhampton, set about making the goldfish a special lifejacket using tiny plastic tubing and t junctions normally used for air conditioning filters before adding polystyrene to help weigh him down.

Caring Stacey even changed the polystyrene periodically - cutting it to different sizes - so the fish could swim at other levels and see various parts of the tank.

And now a video of the fish swimming happily in the life jacket has gone viral after it was posted online.

Stacey, 41, said: “He had been living on the bottom of his tank upside down for sometime and his lovely family were desperate to get him help so he came to us.”

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