For Kids! Healthy Reading Comes to Jordan

Published April 4th, 2021 - 08:04 GMT
Mother reading a book to her daughter
Mother reading a book to her daughter (Shutterstock)
She set up an account on Instagram with the sole reason to encourage reading among children.

The importance of healthy reading came to the fore on International Children’s Book Day, which is annually marked on April 2,  celebrating the birthday of Danish writer Christian Andersen behind many fairy tales and stories such as The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and The Little Mermaid among others

In a time of distant learning, reading has become a bigger necessity for children around the world, according to book lovers and parents.

In an interview with The Jordan Times, Sara Badawieh, a Jordanian author and a mother of a four-year-old son expressed her take on the matter. “Reading at an early age has many of benefits. It stimulates their social and language skills. Moreover, it is observed that at school, readers achieve better academically than those who not read,” she said.

Starting to read at an early age helps to make reading a healthy habit when children grow up, which sets them for great learning opportunities for the rest of their lives, Badawaieh added.

Deema Al Alami, a book lover and an education expert, is trying to do something about this figure. She set up an account on Instagram with the sole reason to encourage reading among children.

“There were many parents who wanted to read with their little ones but did not know which books to read, where to buy the books or how to even read with their children. So, I took the initiative to create a platform for parents and caregivers to get all the information they need about the best English and Arabic books in the market and tips and tricks on how to read with their children,” Alami told The Jordan Times.

Reading can help children develop important values and skills like empathy, compassion, self-confidence, and critical thinking skills,” she said.

On International Children’s Book Day, Alami shared tips for parents to enhance their children’s reading habit.

“Make every reading experience positive and engaging. Ask questions, help your children make links between the storyline and real life.” Al Alami also encouraged parents to develop a reading habit themselves, since a child is known to copy the caregivers’ behaviour.

“Our children, more than ever, need books to help them understand, process, articulate and manage their feelings,” Alami said. 

“Furthermore, reading with children gives parents access to their children's world and that is both important and beautiful,” Alami added.

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