Kuwaiti Clinic Teaches How to Quit Smoking

Published July 8th, 2021 - 05:14 GMT
Please quit smoking

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Anti-Smoking and Cancer Society, Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh, said the smoking cessation clinic over two weeks received 14 patients — patients of different ages and nationalities — and praised the clinic’s success in helping three of them to quit smoking.

Al-Saleh said the clinic has succeeded in attracting those who wish to quit smoking and pointed out the clinic operates on Tuesdays every two weeks for two hours from six to eight in the evening.

He said it is necessary to boom an appointment and said there are special arrangements have been made to accommodate women. He said there is gradual increase in the smoking addicts visiting the clinic. He added, the services provided include prescribing necessary drug treatments to treat those wishing to quit smoking, and continuous follow-up to determine their response to treatment.

He also noted there is a support group to help those who wish to quit smoking and to stand by them to identify the obstacles and challenges that some of them may encounter during the ‘quitting’ phase and this includes psychological support.

He explained the treatment does not depend only on the provision of medication, but extends to include providing psychological and moral support to overcome this stage, calling on those wishing to quit smoking. The appointment can be booked by calling 94704366.

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