La Palma Volcano Still Spewing Lava Three Months on

Published December 14th, 2021 - 06:14 GMT
La Palma
La Palma Volcano: AFP/GETTY IMAGES

ALBAWABA - The Cumbre Vieja Volcano on La Palma is still going strong with erupting lava since it started on 19 September. The "volcanic days" continuing are getting longer, surpassing the three-month mark and beyond. 

Lava has been spewing from the volcano nearly continuously since then with many thousands of people being evacuated in the wake of the hot molten lava streams as well as the dense thick ashes the volcano is creating.

The figures are constantly changing but in the initial weeks of the eruptions around 6000 people has to be evacuated from the Island with is part of the Canary Islands archipelago that has a population of 85,000 people and is on the north-western tip of Africa but is part of Spain. 

The Daily Mail reports the Cumbre Vieja volcano has since destroyed nearly 3,000 local buildings and that after after several days of low-level activity it blew a big cloud of ash high in the sky and produced loud explosions as it suddenly sprang to life again. 

No one knows when the eruptions will end since they have been accompanied by seismic activity and although media reports suggest these have stopped in the last few days many fear they could start again as in previous months. The tremors are small on the Richter Scale but they tend to be continuous. After two months into the eruption the Spanish El Pais reported that a total of 5,100 tremors accompanied the volcano.

Today, and quoting local authorities the Daily Mail said in just two days, for instance, (last Saturday, Sunday) 24 earthquakes were recorded but non of them were felt by the locals. 

The social media has been constant in their coverage with different footage and videos of the magnificent lava eruptions which many say are historical in their intensity for these are the strongest and most destructive ever experienced not just in La Palma but worldwide. One, on the social media say these lava spewing is certainly the longest since records began in the 16th Century.

While some say the eruptions have reached their peak, others are not to sure. The Daily Mail points out The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute tweeted a video last Monday that a thick plume of ash could be seen smoking out of the volcano in afternoon.

It was captioned: 'Intense column of ash at 12.00pm Canarian time. Video recorded from Dos Pinos dam,' according to the London daily newspaper, adding "the eruption has surged and ebbed since it first began and Spanish experts initially said it could last up to three months."

Its miraculous nobody died till now because of the running streams of lava though in the middle of last October it UPI reported that stranded dogs and puppies were starving on Palma but saved in the last moment by two local companies which dropped food and water to them using drones. But today there is a happy story in the BBC about how thousands of bees survived the volcanic explosions, all happy and making honey.   

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