Malaysian Teen Commits Suicide After Instagram Encouragement

Published May 15th, 2019 - 09:03 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
The teen wrote an Instagram post which said 'Really Important, Help Me Choose D/L', where 'D' stood for 'die' and 'L' stood for live. After 69 per cent of people voted 'die', she killed herself.

A Malaysian teenager killed herself after conducting and Instagram poll on whether she should live or die, police say. 

The 16-year-old girl was found dead at the foot of a three-storey shop in the city of Kuching, on the island of Borneo, around 8pm on Tuesday.

Investigators say she had uploaded a post to her Instagram account five hours earlier saying: 'Really Important, Help Me Choose D/L', where 'D' stood for 'die' and 'L' stood for live.

The girl's body has been taken for a post-mortem, but officers say the death is not being viewed as suspicious.

Politicians have reacted with a mixture of shock and anger at the news, with at least one calling for those who voted for the teen to 'die' to be held legally responsible.

Minister Ramkarpal Singh argued that, since suicide is a criminal offence in Malaysia, convincing someone to take their own life should be viewed as a crime as well.

He urged investigators not to close the investigation into the teen's death, and to probe her social media accounts to see who had spurred her towards killing herself.

'Would the girl still be alive today if the majority of netizens on her Instagram account discouraged her from taking her own life,' he asked.

'Would she have heeded the advice of netizens to seek professional help had they done so? Did the encouragement of those netizens actually influence her decision to take her own life?'

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