Man Orders Apple Watch From Amazon But Receives Toilet Plunger Instead!

Published December 4th, 2019 - 10:40 GMT
John Browne. (Twitter)
John Browne. (Twitter)
He had to deal with customer services for 'several hours'.

Excited to have grabbed a deal with £299 (Dh1,400 approx) Apple Watch, a London man was shocked when Amazon sent him a £4.39 (Dh21 approx) toilet plunger instead.

According to reports in, John Browne bought the Apple Watch Series 4 and got £100 discount on normal retail price as part of Amazon's Black Friday sale.

However, the sales director became a laughing stock when he opened the parcel at his central London office in front of colleagues. 

Browne, 31, said his colleagues 'howled with laughter' on seeing the black and white toilet plunger. "It was a pre-Christmas treat for myself and I have wanted one for a long time. I waited for Black Friday specifically and got it delivered to me at work," Browne said.

Adding his agony did not there, Browne said he had to deal with customer services for 'several hours' and got a refund of £289 rather than the full £299. When he complained, Amazon gave a £10 voucher, he claimed.

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