Man Takes His Wife to Court For Not Paying a 'Birthday Gift' Loan

Published February 28th, 2021 - 11:17 GMT
Man and wife battle in court
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He claimed that she had asked him to finance the car that would be paid off in monthly instalments..

A man filed a lawsuit against his wife for refusing to pay off the remainder of a loan valued at nearly Dh108,000 that he'd taken in order to pay for a car he bought in her name.

Court documents state the plaintiff asked her to pay the remaining instalments on a bank loan of Dh107,977, which are due to end in March 2023, according to a report in Al Bayan.

He further asked the defendant to pay Dh20,000 in compensation for material and mental damages as a result of her refusal to pay the sums in question, in addition to a 12 per cent legal interest on the total amount.

The complainant indicated that he and the defendant are in a marital relationship, and that she had asked him to finance a car that would be paid off in monthly instalments of about Dh2,000. He claimed that his relationship with the defendant was the moral reason he did not take a guarantee, and that she took advantage of this by refusing to pay the money.

He presented a copy of the licence showing the defendant’s ownership of the vehicle, and a copy of the bank of the car financing details in his name. The plaintiff further stated that he is still in marital relationship with the defendant, despite other personal status and civil suits cases between them.

In arguments presented by the defence, however, the wife has claimed the car was a surprise gift for her birthday and an expression of love from her husband.

The court ruled that the plaintiff's financing of the vehicle and payment of monthly instalments to the bank was no proof that the defendant owed him the amount in question — especially since he was unable to prove he had given her the vehicle with an understanding that she would pay the amount. The complainant also admitted he had no evidence for the same.

The court established that the marital bond was still valid between both parties, and that the defendant does not work, as she is a housewife, which makes this lawsuit without basis.

Based on this, the court rejected the case and ordered the complainant to pay the relevant fees and expenses.

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