No Cheating! Kuwait Warns Its Universities

Published March 10th, 2021 - 09:51 GMT
Its easy to cheat exams today
The computer made cheating exams easy! (Shutterstock)

The Kuwaiti Society of National Integrity announced that it will not delay the submission of its report to Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha), investigation into the prevalence of cheating in any governmental or private university due to the application of the online examination system without taking strict measures to prevent cheating, and to stop illegal access to the answers, reports Al Jarida daily.

In a recent statement, the society added that it will also request an investigation into the statistics and data on success rates and compare them with the results prior to the application of online tests. The society added those responsible for taking the decision on electronic tests should bear legal and moral responsibilities.

The society revealed that it had monitored the spread of cheating in some faculties due to the application of online exams, which represents unfortunate repercussions such as the spread of bad values that contradict the values of integrity and all virtues; calling on professors, students and everyone with evidence of this phenomenon to submit it to the association by email info@nazaha. org, in order to include it in the report which will be submitted to Nazaha while protecting the whistleblowers.

Nazaha holds the administration of Kuwait University, Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) and private universities legally, morally and ethically responsible for the spread of cases of cheating and the deterioration in the quality of education due to the application of online tests.

The society said that applying this type of exam without strict measures to prevent cheating leads to encouraging negative collective behavior among students who resort to cheating due to the absence of supervision and the spread of a negative environment that force even honest students to slide towards cheating and accessing answers illegally, adding that the danger of this goes beyond the decline in the quality of education to the graduation of a generation in which fraudulent behaviors increase, and by which the values of integrity are violated.

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