Photoshop or Real! Creepy Fish Has Human Mouth and Teeth

Published July 19th, 2020 - 10:58 GMT
Experts at the WWF say the 'creepy' catch could be a  Blackpatch triggerfish. (@raff_nasir/ Twitter)
Experts at the WWF say the 'creepy' catch could be a Blackpatch triggerfish. (@raff_nasir/ Twitter)
He quipped: 'His lips are hotter than mine' about the strange-looking fish.

Images of a fish pictured with a human-like set of lips and pearly white teeth are giving social media users 'the creeps'. 

The photos, believed to be of a triggerfish, were apparently snapped by a fisherman in Malaysia after he made the disturbing catch. 

@raff_nasir shared photos of the fish to his Twitter account on July 2nd, writing: 'His lips are hotter than mine' and the bizarre photos have since gone viral, with more than 20,000 people liking them - and others adding false eyelashes and bling nails to the marine life. 

While there is some speculation that the gnashers are the work of Photoshop, local media sources in Malaysia seem to think that the images are genuine and could be of a triggerfish, of which there are some 40 varieties.     

The Rakyat Post says the fish is known to local fishermen locally as a ayam laut or ikan jebong. 

The triggerfish does indeed have sharp teeth, with regular snacks being prickly sea urchins and hard-shell crabs. 

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) confirmed to Metro that these photos could be of a Blackpatch triggerfish (Rhinecathus verrucosus), identified because of the orange stripe that runs down its side. 

The WWF said: 'It’s a well-known species with a wide distribution from the Seychelles to the Great Barrier Reef, which would include Malaysia.'

After seeing the voluminous lips of the marine life, many social media users decided to add their own adornments to the images, putting false eyelashes and a set of glamourous nails on the fish. 

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