Putting Jordan on The Fashion Design Map

Published August 6th, 2022 - 07:57 GMT
Amman (twitter)

Jordanian fashion designer Raad Jamani launched his new spring-summer 22-23 collection titled “Biased” on Tuesday, in collaboration with Jordanian modelling agency “Zvemeché”.

The fashion show, organised by Zvemeché, took place in Amman, showcasing a collection consisting of 18 dresses, which included the designer’s first bridal dress.

“The collection is called ‘Biased’ because it is inspired by being biased. We are all biased somehow through having different ideas and ideologies and things we believe in, which is why I wanted to present unique and different designs as a way to inspire people to accept anyone or anything else different from us and what we believe in,” Jamani told The Jordan Times in a recent interview.

Jamani said that the dresses are “not symmetrical” at all, because that shows “the conceptual collection of not being biased towards a certain point of view”.

“I have been working on this collection since December last year, and I am very happy to have this show and very glad that there is a fashion scene in the Kingdom and that I am part of creating it, Jordan and its people deserve it,” he added.

Jamani noted that he hopes to put Jordan on the fashion map, both regionally and internationally.

Saif Saleh, the founder and director of Zvemeché, expressed his pleasure and pride in arranging the second fashion show by the agency in the Kingdom.

“It feels good to be doing this, both for me and my team, since we are achieving this at a young age, as most of us are only in our early 20s, which I am very proud of after working extremely hard since March,” Saleh told The Jordan Times in a recent interview. 

Additionally, Saleh also expressed his disappointment in “the lack of support” for Jordan’s fashion scene.

“It is saddening to witness the amount of discouragement and lack of support. It is very difficult to find sponsors and more difficult to get permits. We are also not getting the recognition we deserve, unfortunately,” Saleh added.

He noted that it is important to support young, local creative talents. 

“Our agency’s goal is to support young Jordanian talent and to help them achieve what they want. We have many ideas and plans for the future to showcase the talents we have in Jordan, whether designers, models or creative artists,” Saleh said.

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