Scandal: Southwest Airlines' Pilots Watch Live Video Feed of Plane's Toilet

Published October 29th, 2019 - 08:37 GMT
The two pilots flew on a Southwest flight from Pittsburgh to Phoenix.

In a shocking allegation, a flight attendant said two pilots of a Southwest Airlines flight were watching live footage of the plane's toilet.

In 2017, Renee Steinaker claimed she discovered a camera had been put in the plane's toilet when the pilot, Captain Terry Graham, asked her to sit in the cockpit while he used the toilet. Steinaker said she was sitting in the cockpit with co-pilot, Ryan Russell when she saw an iPad showing a live video feed from the toilet. The two pilots flew on a Southwest flight from Pittsburgh to Phoenix.

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According to reports in CNN, Steinaker alleged in her lawsuit that Russell asked her to keep quiet about the camera, which he said was a "top-secret security measure". Steinaker reported the incident to the airline, but she alleged a supervisor also ordered her not to reveal anything to anybody.

Speaking on the matter, Southwest Airlines and the accused pilots denied there was a camera filming passengers and crew members in the toilet. 'Southwest will vigorously defend the lawsuit. When the incident happened two years ago, we investigated the allegations and addressed the situation with the crew involved', the US airline said in a statement, adding the incident was "an inappropriate attempt at humour".

Since the incident, both pilots were not sanctioned by Southwest Airlines. The two continue to fly for them, according to the suit.

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