Scientist Dad, 11-Year-Old Son Create 3D-Printed Lamborghini

Published October 6th, 2019 - 08:51 GMT
Colorado father and son make their own Lamborghini with 3D printer. (Twitter)
Colorado father and son make their own Lamborghini with 3D printer. (Twitter)

A Colorado physicist is putting his scientific expertise to a practical purpose -- using a 3D printer to build a Lamborghini with his 11-year-old son.

Erie resident Sterling Backus and his son, Xander, 11, started work on their full-size, working model of an Italian supercar -- specifically the Lamborghini Aventador -- when the boy asked his father if it was possible.

"One day I said to him, hey can we build one of those?" Xander Backus told WCNC-TV.

Sterling Backus said his background as a "gear head" has thus far been more helpful than his training as as a physicist.

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The car won't be a proper Lamborghini, it contains a Corvette V8 engine and various parts procured from a junkyard, including Porsche components, but Backus said it will look like the real thing.

The father and son recently posted video of the vehicle going for a short drive test.

The duo said they hope their project will inspire more kids to get interested in STEM education.

"Okay you may hate math, you may not like science, you may not like language arts, you may not even like art, but it all comes together with this one project," Xander Backus said.

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