Shoppers Go Wild for 'Dumb' $462 Skinny, Wide-Leg Jeans

Published September 10th, 2019 - 10:45 GMT
Ksenia Schnaider Asymmetric Skinny & Wide-Leg Jeans ($462) are for sale on Neiman Marcus' website. (Neiman Marcus)
Ksenia Schnaider Asymmetric Skinny & Wide-Leg Jeans ($462) are for sale on Neiman Marcus' website. (Neiman Marcus)
Ksenia Schnaider Asymmetric Skinny & Wide-Leg Jeans are on sale for $462 on Neiman Marcus' website.

Department store Neiman Marcus has started to sell asymmetrical jeans for an astounding $462, after the trend was first modeled by celebrities like Celine Dion earlier this year. 

The Ksenia Schnaider Asymmetric Skinny & Wide-Leg Jeans ($462) sold on the department store's website feature one leg skinny while the other leg shows off a flared style. 

Although the denim style might be bizarre to consumers, it has already received a stamp of approval from Celine, 51, who modeled the style during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week in June. 

It is not clear if Celine modeled the jeans featured on Neiman Marcus' site or a different brand, but she paired the look with a feathered pink top and matching heels.   

The release of the latest denim trend has left some consumers confused. 

'Well, that's just dumb,' one consumer wrote on Twitter after multiple news organization reported the trend. 

Buzzfeed reporter Julia Reinstein also commented on the trend on Twitter, writing: 'I love manrepeller but i hate manrepeller. look at these $462 ASYMMETRICAL JEANS they want us to buy.' 

She mentioned Man Repeller, a fashion news site that also releases newsletters to consumers of fashion trends they should purchase. The site apparently also recommended the asymmetrical jean trend. 

'Me: manrepeller newsletter: let me tell you about the most HORRENDOUS jeans you should buy for ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE,' the reporter added. 

Other commenters online were floored by the trend, and not in a good way.

'An abomination,' one Twitter user called the trend, while another person wrote, 'These are a crime.' 

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It remains unclear if this trend is here to stay or if designers will quickly move on to other bizarre ideas for consumers. 

Recently, companies such as ASOS have promoted strange and innovative trends on its own fashion site to see what might stick with shoppers who are looking for a new direction to take their closets. 

ASOS put for sale its Sensation kitten heel court shoes in teddy fleece ($34), which featured a low-heeled shoe covered in sheep-like tan fur across the entire surface.

Commenters could not get enough of the shoes, with many wanting to know if the product was actually real. 

'Please tell me this is fake,' one commenter wrote. 'I cant believe it hahah.'

Another person thought it took a specific trend too far, writing: ' Omg they somehow made those jackets into something worse.' 

ASOS has caught flack from consumers previously for other obscene items it was selling online, including a pair of white joggers with poor placement of a brown spot across the back.

These designs fell short of the mark for shoppers, but that hasn't stopped designers from creating other bizarre clothing items.

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