Star Trek Icon William Shatner May Fly to Space as the Oldest Person in History

Published September 29th, 2021 - 02:56 GMT
Star Trek's William Shatner
Star Trek's William Shatner (Twitter)
Star Trek's William Shatner Will Actually Go to Space in October.
William Shatner, 90, set to make history as the oldest person to go to space.

He spent all that time in space with all those aliens. Does he want to go back?

How cool is this, that he will finally get into space after giving us so many images of space on his show? And that he’s doing it at 90 years old? It shows even at that age, you can still fulfill some pretty amazing dreams.

The 90-year-old actor would be the oldest person to reach space.

William Shatner, 90, is reportedly going to become the oldest person to fly into space on board Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin rocket. 

Shatner, who portrayed Captain James T. Kirk in the popular Star Trek franchise, is set to be part of the second crew to fly into space in the New Shepard capsule.

The voyage is planned to be filmed as part of a documentary for Shatner's production company, Shatner and Co., and is being shopped around after Discovery reportedly rejected the idea.

He's set to break the record just recently set by pioneering aviator Wally Funk, who was 82 years old when she joined Bezos on the first Blue Origin launch - 60 years after being denied a chance to do so with NASA because she was a woman.

Before Funk, the record was held by John Glenn, who reached space at age 77, nearly four decades after becoming the first American to orbit the Earth.

Jeff Bezos, the spaceflight company's billionaire founder, reached suborbital space himself on the first-ever crewed New Shepard launch, which occurred in July. The capsule carried Bezos, 57, his brother Mark, 53, 82-year-old aviation pioneer Wally Funk and 18-year-old Dutch physics student Oliver Daemen 107 kilometers above Earth, then made a parachute-assisted landing in West Texas scrublands. 

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