True or False! Crazy Kindergarten Teacher Sits on Babygirl to Force Her to Sleep

Published December 8th, 2020 - 12:55 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
Footages shows the teacher scrolling on her phone while seated above the child.

A kindergarten teacher in China has been sacked and detained after sitting on top of a girl to force her to sleep during nap time.

The 36-year-old, known by her surname Xu, is caught on security camera playing on her phone while seated above the pupil who was struggling to fall asleep at the nursery school in Foshan, southern China.

The child was unhurt, the authorities said. Ms Xu was fired from her job and arrested after the girl's parents alerted police.

The incident took place at the Man Tian Xing Kindergarten on November 26 when the children were taking a nap at noon, according to a statement on Monday.

CCTV footage obtained by Chinese media shows the five-year-old girl tossing and turning in her bed, struggling to fall asleep.


Ms Xu is seen walking towards the pupil before sitting down on top of the child and playing on her phone. She reportedly remained in the position for three minutes.

The teacher had also placed her feet on each side of the student's shoulders, according to the authorities.

The officials said the police were alerted about the incident on Sunday from the girl's parents, without specifying how the family had discovered the incident.

While being questioned by the officers, Ms Xu claimed she was trying to 'help the student fall asleep quickly'. She has been detained and dismissed from the kindergarten.

The parents are said to have reached an agreement with the school on Sunday.

Various incidents of child abuse in recent years have haunted China's pre-school industry.

Three teachers at a kindergarten in northern China's Inner Mongolia were arrested in September after they were accused by parents of 'stabbing the students with needles'.

In June, two kindergarten teachers in Zhejiang Province, eastern China were investigated by police after they allegedly beat their young pupils who struggled to fall asleep.

In 2019, two kindergarten pupils in south-eastern China were forced by their teacher to sleep in the midday sun as punishment for being too noisy in class.

Another teacher was filmed in 2018 pushing one of her pupils and pulling out a chair from under her to punish the 'disruptive' student as she did not return to her assigned seat.

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