Videos of Beirut Horror Explosions Storm The Internet

Published August 5th, 2020 - 09:05 GMT
A picture shows the scene of an explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020. A large explosion rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut on August 4, an AFP correspondent said. The blast, which rattled entire buildings and broke glass, was felt in several parts of the city. Anwar AMRO / AFP
A picture shows the scene of an explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020. A large explosion rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut on August 4, an AFP correspondent said. The blast, which rattled entire buildings and broke glass, was felt in several parts of the city. Anwar AMRO / AFP
The blast is thought to be one of the world's biggest-ever peacetime explosions.

A series of videos captured the devastation in Beirut as an explosion tore through the Lebanese capital - killing at least 100 people dead and injuring more than 4,000.

Footage from across the blast site filmed the apocalyptic scenes yesterday which saw ceilings collapse, families shelter for cover, offices ripped apart and buildings engulfed in flames.

It is thought the explosion was triggered by more than 2,750 tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate - the main ingredient in fertilizer bombs.

It had been detonated when a fire, apparently sparked by a nearby welder, spread to the warehouse where it had been stored for six years.  

The blast was one of the world's biggest-ever peacetime explosions. 

The massive blast 

One video began filming as a plume of grey smoke billowed from the city's port.

The woman behind the camera was stood in what appeared to be a bar as she looked back across the city. 

But, just seconds later, the site was rocked by a sudden explosion as a ball of flames burst into the sky with a rumbling bang.

Onlookers screamed and set off running as they tried to find cover as the blast radius began to hurtle toward them.  

Billowing mushroom cloud

A video captured the immediate aftermath of the blast as a massive mushroom cloud was propelled high above dozens of apartment blocks.

The cameraman was stood at his window and looking out across the city toward the initial plume of smoke. 

The mushroom cloud then suddenly appeared in the sky with the impact of the blast triggering car alarms and causing distressed dogs to bark furiously in the background.

It was not until a few seconds later that the sound of the explosion reached the apartment and the cameraman was forced to duck back inside for cover. 

Offices torn apart

Buildings across the capital were rocked by the impact of the explosion.

A reporter for BBC Arabic had been conducting an interview with Faisal Al-Asil, director of projects at the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy, when the devastation hit.

The pair had been talking before a loud rumble could be heard in the background and furniture began to shake.

The BBC reporter looked round the office in shock before the blast ripped through the building as workers screamed.

She dropped to the floor and began whimpering in pain off-screen with Mr Al-Asil and colleagues watching on in horror, helpless to intervene. 

Plumes of smoke

Another video recorded the devastation at the port from a different angle.

Having spotted the large plume of billowing smoke, the cameraman zoomed in on the scene on the ground as tiny silver sparks flashed.

Suddenly the site exploded and sent debris flying into the air before the sound of the blast hit.

The cameraman ran for cover but panned back as red and orange smoke tore through the sky.

Crackling fire 

One video captured the moment a fire crackled furiously inside a warehouse before turning into a blast.

The cameraman stood on the rooftop of a nearby building as he looked down toward the site.

Others could be heard shouting in the background and, as the noise amplified, the cameraman backed away.

There was then a loud blast and the man dropped his camera as he was thrown to the ground. 

Collapsing ceilings 

The explosion also caused devastation at the Saint Maron Parish in Bauchriye during an afternoon service.

Father Marwan, who was unharmed, was peacefully chanting a prayer when suddenly the church was rocked.

He paused momentarily before the lights burst and seconds later the ceiling fell down around him.

Glass could be heard smashing in the background as everyone inside ran toward an exit.   

Red plume of smoke 

One onlooker filmed the moment of the explosion while he was out at sea and looking back toward the mainland.

A group of men could be heard chatting in the background before the source of the grey plume of smoke exploded and sent a red mushroom cloud into the sky.

Alarms blasted in the background from all over the city as the group watched on in disbelief.   


Firework sparks

Another video showed what appeared to be fireworks furiously crackling inside a warehouse at the source of the explosion just seconds before the blast. 

Flashes of silver sparks could be seen inside a building at the port before they escalated into bursts of orange flame.

The blast came just a few seconds later and the man behind the camera was engulfed in debris as he fell to the ground.

Families taking shelter 

One CCTV clip of the blast was taken from inside an apartment as a father and son desperately sought shelter.

The pair huddled together as the initial rumblings began to shake the mirror hanging on the wall.

When the full extent of the blast hit the room filled with smoke. The father scooped his son up into his arms before frantically searching for a place to shelter.

Eventually they clambered under a desk as he tried to reassure his son. 

Extent of the explosion 

One cameraman began filming after the mushroom cloud had already been sent billowing into the sky following the initial blast.

He panned up to the aftermath before the sound of the explosion eventually reached the car park he was standing in.

The over-whelming noise sent him flying backwards before he panned back to see what had happened. 

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