Woman Revealing Most Controversial Opinions on Tinder Becomes a Sensation

Published October 24th, 2021 - 06:09 GMT
Woman who revealed the way she saves time on Tinder goes viral
Tinder app. (Shutterstock/ File Photo)
Kelsey Sherman posted video to TikTok on Friday of her Tinder conversations

A single woman looking for a match has revealed some of the questionable responses she received from Tinder suitors when she asked potential lovers about their most controversial opinions.

Kelsey Sherman posted the hilarious footage to TikTok on Friday, confessing she uses the question to save time on the online dating app by seeing if her views align with the men she is conversing with.

Ms Sherman opened every conversation with potential matches using the question: 'What is your most controversial opinion?' and posted the results.

The first man Ms. Sherman matched with on the dating app answered: 'There is no gender pay gap! Yours?'

'Oh god,' Ms Sherman quickly replied.

A second man declared that his most controversial opinion was that he disagreed with the legalisation of gay marriage.

The man promptly followed up his response by asking why Ms. Sherman started the conversation with that question but tellingly received no reply.

When a third man was asked the same question, he said he didn't believe in COVID-19 lockdowns and claimed the pandemic is a 'survival of the fittest'.

'...Let Covid weed out weak jeans from society…,' the man added.

A fourth potential suitor was surprised by the question and didn't seem willing to share his answer.

The man quickly gave in and warned Ms Sherman of what was to follow.

'Okay...here we go,' the man said.

'The world is due for a serious culling,' the man believed.

When he didn't hear back from Ms Sherman after his questionable take, the man asked: 'Was that too much?'

Many intrigued viewers shared their thoughts on the men's controversial opinions.

One user wrote: 'Okay but this is so smart. Imagine falling for a guy then realising he doesn't agree with gay marriage. Cya!'

'I mean once you finish watching the video I'd have to agree with a serious population cull,' said another.

While a third said: 'The fact that nearly all of them follow up after their horrible takes'.

Others who frequently use Tinder praised Ms Sherman's brilliant idea and planned to use the conversation starter to find their potential match.

One user wrote: 'Okay but this is such a good opener, I'm using it.'

'Honestly a good idea, no more time wasting,' wrote another.

While a third said: 'This is genius, I need to do this.'

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