World's First Content Creator Camel is Shooting on Saudi Desert

Published August 24th, 2021 - 06:43 GMT
Sarha, a female camel that took on a photography assistant
Sarha, a female camel that took on a photography assistant (youtube)
A group of photographers recently enlisted the help of the world’s first remote photographer camel.
This camel got the necessary technology to take us to further places.
By Ewelina Lepionko

There are many areas in the world still very inaccessible to even the most adventurous photographers. Innovative methods are often deployed to capture hard-to-reach places but what about a camel?

Wunderman Thompson Saudi Arabia goes for the most extreme remote shooting project. The ‘ship of the desert’, the majestic and inscrutable camel can reach places we mere humans cannot.  

In cooperation with the most famous professional photographers, the camel is set free throughout Saudi Arabia to capture the most beautiful and rare photographs of areas that are difficult for humans to reach.

Sarha, a female camel that took on a photography assistant role to help out 11 photographers reach places in that they couldn’t use a remote shooting rig. Sarha was equipped with a solar-powered camera and given free rein to roam daily in remote locations for a week. 

“This is art meets technology meets culture. All in a creative, data-driven way. A journey of cultural discovery documenting breathtaking imagery through the lens of technology."

Rayyan Aoun

The rig on the camel's hump consists of a laptop, solar panels, cam-ranger, and hotspot router connected to the internet, which allows photographers to connect remotely to the camel while it is roaming, and to control the whole system in order to take photos in the most remote areas of Saudi Arabia.

Known for vast desserts and large uninhabited and untouched areas, Saudi Arabia offers grand scenes that have not been fully explored, but with Sarha’s help, the project was made possible.

After the challenge concluded, Sarha was once returned house, given an intensive scientific check-up, and rewarded with a large deal with for her task smartly accomplished.

But while it’s a campaign that’s aimed at the local market, the images captured also function as an enticing advertisement for tourists. The campaign captured the public's imagination. 

The ultimate pictures from the undertaking will also be seen at the “Unveil Saudi” Instagram account.

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