‘Dish, Pitchfork’: TV Comedy Calling for Work

Published March 14th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Egyptian director Hussein Abu al Magd has wrapped up shooting the new seven-episode TV series al Dish Wa la Misan (Dish and Pitchfork) which belongs to the comedy genre and depicts a village whose inhabitants leave work to watch satellite channels. 

The series was scripted by Mohammed al Sayyed Ibrahim, produced by the Egyptian TV Production Department and costarring Yousef Shaaban, Tayseer Fahmi, Mamdouh Wafi, Khairiyyeh Ahmed, Sawsan Bader, Shaaban Hussein, Aeshah al Kilani, Mustafa Rizq, Yousef Daoud, Zein Nassar and Sanaa Suleiman. 

The episodes are set in a village in the countryside where the inhabitants cultivate the land in a comedy and purposeful framework. Prizes are handed out for best annual crop and the village mayor, al Subae’i secures the production cup. Meanwhile, the mayor works very hard to protect his villagers and encourage them on hard work. 

Burham Beih leads the evil side particularly in view of the fact that his land always produces poor crop, which leads him to the loss of the cup in front of the village inhabitants. So he does his best to destroy the will of the people by building a cafeteria and equipping it with a satellite receiver. People in the village notice what the newcomer does and start crowding in front of the satellite screen throughout the night and spend the daytime sleeping. This spurs women in the village to go out for work after they discover Burham’s cheat -- Albawaba.com 

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