‘Hearts Made of Papers’ Records Qualitative Turn in Saudi Drama

Published January 21st, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Saudi director Wafiq al Hajjar has begun shooting his new TV series Quloob Min Waraq (Hearts Made of Papers) which depicts the Saudi society and its family problems. 

The 30-episode series is scripted by Mohammed al Hajji and produced by the Saudi TV channel 1. Costarring in the series a large number of known Saudi actors including Fahed al Ghzouli, Omar al Dini, Ibrahin al Hsawi, Abdel Rahman al Khreiji, Hasan A’asiri and Mohammed al Hajji. This is in addition to the actresses Wedian, Shirin Ba Wazir, Wajnat Rahbini and Ghuzlan. 

The series is About Abu Ibrahim (played by al Khreiji), the horse lover, his son Ibrahim, the good and weak man in front of his wife Nadine, his brother Khaled (A’asiri), the naughty boy while young and cruel while old and his sister Noora (Amal Hussein), the poor girl. It tells about the real squabble between siblings over money and the fate’s revenge from the oppressors in favor of the oppressed. 

“The drama was implemented in a top artistic style differing in direction from the series Khilf Khlaf (Opposite Direction),” the director and technical producer al Hajjar told the London based Arabic daily al Sharq al Awsat adding that the series combined between the audio cinematic vision and the TV technical vision. He reiterated that the real sequence of the story events has come with sensitive and visual delighting effects. 

The Saudi series is considered one of the costly productions as far as the set is concerned in view of the big efforts made to produce it in the best possible manner. 

The director anticipates success for the series which, according to him, will be nominated to participate in the upcoming Arab festivals achieving a qualitative jump for the Saudi drama in particular and Arab drama in general -- Albawaba.com 

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