‘Kalb Msh Sheteema’ Dogs Are Taking Over the Social Media Video Throne

Published October 29th, 2018 - 01:11 GMT
‘Msh Sheteema’ is basically a page run by multiple dog Vloggers (Source: Mesh Sheteema - Facebook)
‘Msh Sheteema’ is basically a page run by multiple dog Vloggers (Source: Mesh Sheteema - Facebook)

Say goodbye to human Vloggers, because dogs are taking over the social media video throne. Facebook page, ‘Msh Sheteema‘ has been posting teasers for the past month and we were absolutely clueless as to what was going on.

Every couple of days, ‘Msh Sheteema’ would post a POV video where we get to watch different people having the most random conversations. One time you would think the woman is talking to her child; but the next video comes out and you realize you’re not even close to being right, the man must be talking to his friend.

The wait is over and it turns out this is even bigger and better than what we all initially thought. ‘Msh Sheteema’ is basically a page run by multiple dog Vloggers, where they take you into the minds and souls of our little canine friends. We literally get to watch the world from their point of views.

The rising stars/dogs are Nafas, Caramel, Tussy, Deega, Samir, and Bungee. The first episode of ‘Kalb Msh Sheteema’ came out and it’s funny, witty, relatable, and everything in between. This is the most refreshing thing we’ve seen online, where people are actually using their platforms in an easy-to-watch manner to raise awareness. Actress, Ghada Adel, even gave them a shout out; sending her fans a message saying that the word ‘dog’ is not an insult.

Our country needs a different light to be shed on animals, stray dogs are continuously getting poisoned in Cairo’s streets. Last year, things got so out of hand that a dog was captured on video while suffering from the consequences of poisoning in the middle of Cairo University’s campus.

Animal abuse is a chronic issue in Egypt’s streets. From horses and donkeys being beaten with sticks, kids abusing street cats and dogs for fun, to a zoo with starving animals that live in toxic conditions, and so much more. Watching dogs bonding with humans in cute videos is definitely content worth sharing and applauding for.

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