‘Laa Totfe2 El Shams’: Why Anyone Who’s Anyone Will be Watching This Ramadan

Published May 16th, 2017 - 02:48 GMT
This Ramadan's must-see series (screenshot)
This Ramadan's must-see series (screenshot)

Every year, Egypt’s top producers and directors come together and give viewers over 30 mosalsals (series) that cater to every taste in drama out there.

While everyone thought Nelly Karim would have another successful year, scriptwriter Tamer Habib and director Mohamed Shaker Khodeir’s mosalsal, Grand Hotel — an Arabic adaptation of the Spanish series Gran Hotel — ruled Ramadan 2016. It seems that this year Habib and Khodeir are going to take over Ramadan once again.

The trailer of their new mosalsalLa Totfe2 El Shams (Don’t Let The Sun Go Down) has just been released and it is everything we expect from the Grand Hotel team and more. It is classy, emotional and we can already tell that we’ll be shedding tears this year. The series is an adaptation of Ihsan Abdel Qadoos’s novel.

The author narrates the story of a rich aristocratic family who lose everything, and are just trying to find a way to survive. We will get to follow the bad life decisions the siblings will make in the name of love and money. Who wouldn’t want to watch a young, Jamila Awad, falling in love with her married tutor? This is simply a recipe for Ramadan success.

Watch the haunting trailer of what we expect to be the biggest show this year:


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