‘Uncle Safwan’: daring UAE drama tackles social problems

Published July 1st, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Abu Dhabi TV is gearing up for producing a new series entitled Ammi Safwan (uncle Safwan) scripted by Jamal Salem from the UAE to be directed by Mustafa Rashid from Bahrain, according to the daily al Bayan. 

The series cast held Saturday in the UAE city of al Ain, filming site, a press conference in which they announced the main guidelines of this TV drama of continuous episodes. The series belongs to the hot social comedy genre in 25 episodes, which feature the most important social problems in the UAE in an unprecedented daring manner. These issues include divorce cases, juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, alcoholism, waste of time at the entertainment places and sex. 

The series is about a blind family man called Safwan who knows through his strong sagacity and heart all what is going on around him but he is unable to face all these problems, solve or show his opinion about them.  

The series also sheds light on the political aspects in a clear manner as the family and all the characters are color blinded, the fact that makes them confused and unable to take a sound decision as a result of many external circumstances. These include the exasperation of the demography structure problem, unemployment rise, openness to foreign labor and the presence of more than one hundred Arab and foreign nationalities with different languages, religions and cultures. These factors lead, according to the series, to many phenomena including suspicion and corruption in addition to the fact that stringent traditions stand as an obstacle in the way of any art talent in acting or singing. Therefore the girl flees away from her parents in order to sing in hotels and produce cassettes and carry out other actions. 

Costarring in the series are, Qatari comedy star Ghanem al Sleiti, Egyptian actor Nasser Hammad, Tareq al Ali from Kuwait, Syrian actress Rawa’a Yasin, Ahmed al Ansari, Mohammed al Jnahi, Samira Ahmed, Jaber Naghmoush, Iman Rashed, Marwan Abdullah Saleh, Hanan al Meri, from the UAE -- Albawaba.com 

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